Quico Álvarez Vidal was born in Tarragona, near the Mediterranean Sea, in 1968 and lives in different cities. Finally he arrives to Pamplona, where grows his interest on photography. After some years as an amateur, he joins "Taller Fotográfico Auzotegi", where he shares affinities and photographic skills with artists and amateurs. In spite of being self-educated, he estudies the General Photographic Course in the Institute for Photographic Studies of Catalonia, in Barcelona. And he completes his training in several workshops with admired photographers.

Since 1989 he makes several personal works, most of them with the style of the social photography from the 1930-1960 decades, and he beguins to publish in different newspapers and magazines. In 1992, he makes a work in Croacia and Bosnia. From that moment, photography becomes a proffession and a way of life for him. He publishes his works in magazines and newspapers all over the world and he works for many agencies and magazines. Always self-produccing his works.

Living since 1994 in Barcelona, he gets new aims by working in different photographic fields as architecture, industrial or fashion, although press photography continues being the center of his job. Always as a freelance, he works on his own interests or under command.

At the beguinning of this Century, due to the structural change and crisis that the arriving of the digital technology means for the photographic industry, he changes the direction of his job -and his life-, leaves Barcelona and moves to Cambados, an Athlantic village from where he faces off the new changing, moving and competitive world. Pointing to new proffessional aims, he makes his commercial work without giving up his bright and personal photographic style.